Smidj – Be better differently

Coaching, Facilitation and Development for individuals and teams

Smidj was created to provide the following coaching and development services:

  • Support the development of competent, genuine and confident leaders.
  • Facilitate the creation of functional teams based on each individual’s contribution and uniqueness.
  • Facilitate a deeper understanding of mindfulness and the importance it plays in leadership, team work and productivity.

We provide individual and group coaching and development programs that focus on the development of the skills necessary for leaders to lead, be followed and for teams to want to follow their leader. In turn creating functional and productive individuals and teams. We specifically develop the skills of meaningful communication and behaviour that opens up the possibilities to be more productive, more resilient, positively manage change, and engaged with those you work with.

Specifically we provide coaching and development services for:  

  • Emerging Leaders – preparation for more senior roles
  • Existing leaders – facilitating the creation of different perspectives and way of being to resolve key challenges
  • Performance Management – supporting resources and management in the process of supporting resources who are assessed as requiring improvement in the work performance
  • Project Management – working to support improved communication and commitment management skills that are preventing successful implementation of projects.
  • Team Effectiveness – facilitate the ongoing development of what makes great teams.

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Emerging Leader Coaching

Supporting leaders who are identified for promotion or development. The focus is on development of the personal competencies that are seen as making productive leaders capable of developing engaged teams.

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Executive/Leadership Coaching

Coaching that focuses on the challenges and issues that are seen as blockers to fully productive relationships and outcomes.

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Performance Management Coaching

Managing poor performance of individuals is often seen as a difficult and time consuming part of managing teams. This coaching provides a support structure for both the individual affected and their leader......

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Project Management Coaching

This coaching provides an environment for a Project Manager to look at their concerns and identify other means of engagement that have the potential for creating a more effective outcome.

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Project Facilitation

This service is offered should project require an independent facilitator to run workshops, planning events or conflict resolution between project stakeholders.

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Workshop Facilitation

Providing independent facilitation with a clear understanding of the objectives of the workshop and works with the group to achieve them. This frees up the participants to fully focus on contributing to the achievement of the objectives.

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Leadership and Team Development

Smidj presents a unique approach to leadership and team development that requires a full commitment from those attending and those supporting the development.

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